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  1.  More clicks on your links by using real links, not affiliate links 
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  4.  Stops affiliate thieves from stealing your content and links
  5.  Improves your SEO by removing affiliate links that are penalized by Google

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If you're like me, you enjoy blogging but you also like to make some money doing it. You probably know that affiliate programs are great way to generate income. Creating all those links is very time consuming.

Even worse - today's savvy web surfers avoid clicking on affiliate links!

Which do you think more people will click on?



So I created a WordPress plug-in for myself to dramatically increase my profits and save me time.  

I'm now making this amazing tool available to the general public for the first time.

ecover box


Step One: Enter Your Stealth Link slug. In the example above, I used "aloe-vera-product" as my slug
Step Two: Enter the affiliate link or any URL you would like to cloak.

I entered

Step Three: Click "Save Links" button!

Now when users visit - they will automatically be redirected to

You can edit your links at ANY time, and redirect your traffic anywhere you wish!

There's nothing to learn,I just showed you how it works!

 Download WP Stealth Plugin Now: